Vintage Photo Renderings

Rendering new art from vintage photos presents special challenges...

Often older photographs lose sharpness and detail, or may be badly damaged.

Knowledge of the period, combined with a little artistic license, can breathe new life into treasured images.

Do you have a family photo, old vacation postcard or other image hidden away, that you would like to turn into a special art piece for display?

Contact me — I would be happy to discuss your needs.

Florence & Erma, 1922 ~ graphite pencil

These stylish ladies were all dressed up and ready to be drawn. In the original photo, some of the shoe details were lost in the dark grass. I researched online and talked with people that remembered the era and styles. With their input, I was able to complete the drawing more accurately.

On a personal note, the lady on the left is Florence Lymo. She later became my grandma. The lady on the right, was Florence’s future sister in-law, my great aunt Erma Dietman. Florence made the outfits they wore that day — she was a talented seamstress.

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