Mural: Any piece of artwork painted directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Since a mural is not easily removable, careful planning is needed before executing the project. Consider working with the color palette of the room, or incorporate nearby architectural details into the artwork.

Here are some photos of a recent mural project, where I was commissioned to create a playful scene for a nursery. As you can see, the design evolved considerably from start to finish ~ click the images to enlarge:

initial sketch
color development
color development
3/29 - on the wall!
3/29 - on the wall!
3/29 - day's end
3/29 - first day's end

4/1 - cast of characters

4/1 - detail
4/14 - filling the scene
4/14 - filling in the scene

4/29 - change of focus

4/29 - detail

4/29 - additional details

4/29 - added bird and nest

final touch, over the crib

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