Here are a few of my illustrations in pencil, pastels and acrylic; I often begin new designs in pencil before moving on to other media.

I have always been intrigued by human faces and animal subjects — especially their eyes. Click to enlarge the images; scroll down to explore my inspirations for these drawings.


Above images of my work on Aalfie, a Baroque-style Friesian horse born in Germany and imported to California by way of Holland. He lives on a ranch near my home. The full figured pastel (image 3) is framed and hangs in the owner's living room. That is her personal favorite, as he often holds that pose for her.

Learning the animal's proportions, movement and poses while capturing his personality and his whole being on canvas was quite an experience! I reached out to the owner for the opportunity, and she shared her world with her magnificent horse.


Some of my inspirations

Marilyn: In 2004, I was sorting through some old boxes. I found a Life Magazine on Marilyn Monroe. It piqued my curiosity and I went to the library seeking more information on her life and death. I read a large biography for several days, and then decided to draw. I hadn’t drawn in years, so this was truly an inspiration. She might have enjoyed playing in the feathers. She has hung in a gallery, but currently resides on my studio wall. She faces me as I work and continues to inspire me with her vibrance.

Buffalo: An impulse sketch during a moment of serenity.

Honesty (quill pen): My son found a feather one day on a walk. I sketched away as my boys laughed in the other room. With their pure laughter in the background, Honesty came to mind as the feather formed.

Cougar in Progress: This mother cougar is bathing one cub. The other cub (behind her) is about to bite down on her ear! 

Cougar 2: This detailed cougar is a colored pencil drawing. You might notice he is missing something… his whiskers to complete.


About the Artist


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