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My most enjoyable heritage gift is the ability to illustrate people and animals. My sweetest memory is when I was around nine years old; I sketched a prancing foal in charcoal. My Grandma Babb asked if she could have it. Over the years I was touched how she treasured it, framed it, and displayed it on her wall.

We have artists on both sides of our family, so this talent touches each of us. My parents shared an enjoyment of creative work: James Babb was famous for his handmade brass show car radiators, and Joanne Babb hand-pieced a collection of creative quilts that are family heirlooms. Together they raised a family that valued the importance of handcraft, creativity and the simple joy of a job well-done.

Mom and Dad

Throughout my school years I was known for my artwork and was often involved in projects needing an artist. At Colfax High School, I studied under a knowledgeable and superb teacher named Steve Coverston. In high school, I placed first in the California State Fair twice, and was awarded Best of Show. Most of my illustrations were portraits, or domestic and wild animals. I continued my artistic training into college courses.

Since then I have painted in oils, water colors, and inks. For years my favorite media have been pastels and colored pencil. I also enjoy graphic design, sewing, crocheting, calligraphy, and sculpting clay.

Another type of art, I wrote poetry for a few years and had a selection of my works published. Poetry is very much a type of art that creates a vision, much like a painting.

see this mural as it developedA few years ago I was asked to paint a nursery mural in Kingvale. I enjoy a challenge and a mural was definitely something new. The design was something the mother had envisioned for many years, so it was very touching to sketch it and then paint it for her, her husband, and their sweet baby Chloe.

Most of my creative work takes place in our Colfax home. My husband Cary and I are blessed with two boys, Logan and Ryan. The rest of our family homestead includes the best loved Labrador Dozer, two sister tabby cats Panther and Saber, Crystal the gecko, two parakeets Snowy and Poppy, and of course our goldfish Tiger, and catfish Cougar.

I hope you are enjoying your tour. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, and a sincere "Thank You" for visiting...


About the Artist

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